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If you could beat your personal best...

Would You?

If you could defy the laws of gravity...

Would You?

If you could grow, learn and play in a whole new way...

Would You?

Then East York Gym is the place for you!

Specialty Classes

Technique classes focus on key skills and progressions of some of the most important and favourite gymnastics skills. These include rolls, cartwheels, handstands, bridges, and walkovers. Technique classes are a great supplement to full session classes and add a boost to every student’s skill list. Technique classes are offered in bundles of 4 to 5 classes. 1 hour – Everyone welcome!

This class is an advanced girl’s class geared for developing an acrobatic tumbling series which include cartwheels, walkovers round offs and back handsprings. Athletes will use the tumble track, rod floor, trampoline, and foam pits to enhance their skill level. 1.5 hours.